Have You Heard the One About. . .Pegged Pants?

This is the segment in which we pass along interesting “PCC stories,”
stories you just can’t get, or appreciate, anywhere else on earth!

Story from K—.

One day back when, I hate to admit, pegged pants were the “in” thing, PCC had a rule against wearing pegged pants. Well, one day I was walking from Coberly South to the Administration building, and out of one of the second story windows I saw a Dean (no longer there) staring at me from the

I proceeded to walk into the Administration building, and before I even got through the doors I noticed this Dean running, yes, running towards me. He came up to me, out of breath, and asked me if my pants were pegged. I said yes and that I would fix them. He refused this idea and sent me back to
my dorm room to change plus he wrote me up a demerit.

Yes, I was wrong (the merits of this rule notwithstanding). But is such earnestness warranted to write someone up for such a petty offense?

Well, this is a good question. Earnestness to write someone up for a petty offense simply should never occur in a civilized society of adults. ~ The Voice.