A Letter To Rush Limbaugh (From a PCC-philosophy Supporter and Voice-hater)

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

It is with great remorse that I write you this letter, for I feel that the activities you are involved in are extremely unbiblical, hateful and destructive of an institution that God has set up. I have heard about your activities from others, and although I have listened to very little of your radio show, I want to comment on it in detail.

It is obvious that you are bitter towards the government of the United States. I don’t know what they ever did to you, but don’t you realize that bitterness is of the devil, and this bitterness that you spread every day will only harm you? You are so negative, and I think that to be so negative only shows your lack of concern and unhappiness at the system you are under.
You gripe and complain constantly, and it’s wrong.

You obviously also have a problem with authority. Don’t you realize that God has set up the government to be the authority over you? And don’t you realize that when you speak against the government, and when you criticize what you think is wrong about this institution (the government), you are speaking against God’s anointed? An authority is there for you to be subject to, and when you disagree with what that authority does, you are likewise showing a rebellious attitude. And of course, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. You need to OBEY that authority you are under, for this is Biblical. Of course, I don’t know you, but it’s obvious that you are very rebellious.

If you have a problem with the authority you are under, then you need to go to the administration and tell them your problems. This is biblical. If you are disgusted at the things that the government does, then you need to go to your representative and tell them your problem. This is the proper way to voice your opinion. The Bible does not give us the right to speak against
that authority, and it certainly never authorizes us to use radio to spread hate.

I have been greatly blessed by the government, and although it makes a lot of needless rules and has some ungodly policies, it is still what God has set up for us to follow, and we should never speak against it. We need rules, and for you to say that we shouldn’t have rules means that you support anarchy. Rules are for our protection. Rules are here in order to help us live according to the Word of God. If you don’t like the rules, Mr. Limbaugh, then LEAVE!! And don’t let the door hit you on the way out. No one is forcing you to stay in this country, and no one made you accept the policies of your state.

It is obvious that you think you could run the country better than it’s being run. In fact, why don’t you go start your own country! For you to point out inconsistencies is only destructive of the fabric that holds our society together. Who do you think you are anyway, Mr. Limbaugh? Who gave you the right to speak against the government? It’s wrong. It’s unbiblical, and you are required by Scripture to stop spreading this hate.

You are doing a great disservice to this country, for if God wants change to come about, He can do it Himself, and He doesn’t need your help. Your attitude is rotten, your motives are terrible, and frankly, Mr. Limbaugh, I think you ought to stop your radio broadcast.

A PCC Supporter

One thought on “A Letter To Rush Limbaugh (From a PCC-philosophy Supporter and Voice-hater)

  1. So this was posted on January 10, 1997 according to the date at the top left corner of the page. That would mean Bill Clinton was the president. So what this person is trying to tell us is that GOD almighty *anointed* BILL CLINTON, a liar, cheater, womanizer, ungodly, conceited man to be our Commander in Chief and therefore we are supposed to blindly support and follow him without questioning the debauchery he’s been perpetrating in the White House. Mmmmkay. Sure. What kind of skewed misguided lack of logic is this? Brainwashed much?

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