Have You Heard The One About…The Plasma Donor?

This was sent to us by a former student. – eds.

As so many stories start out (from PCC), it was my junior year, I was engaged to be married. My husband had been involved with the infamous GA scandal involving the “movie thing”. Needless to say he was kicked” out and so graceously given his masters degree without walking. I had been an Eagle’s Cheerleader but, because of who I was associated with, I was considered a “rebel, or a bad person.” Before all of this however, I was considered to be in the “administration approved crowd.” I had been giving plasma in downtown Pensacola, like so many other PCC students, and like many others I was earning some extra weekend cash. My fiance’ decided this would also be a good thing for him to do to earn some extra cash. So, we both went twice a week, he was of course not a student and had graduated. We barely talked, and once in a great while we would “chance” it and sit by one another.

The other students I had been riding with suddenly felt “convicted” and decided to turn me in. I was totally humiliated – I was shadowed and had to go before the administration and “plead my case!” Finally after 2 days the verdict came in. I was given 130 demerits and campused for 6 weeks (during the big beach time); with my measly 12 this put me up to 142 and it was only March. In the end I left with 143 – the most I had ever had the previous years was 27 demerits in one semester. Needless to say, I got married that summer and never went back. This is just one of the many wrong doings that go on at Pensacola Christian College. I have served my time!!

Like most of the stories, an interesting question is raised (actually, numerous questions. . .): WHO was it that “convicted” your “friends”? Was it really the Holy Spirit? Or was it a sense of guilt that had been driven into the student’s heads time and time again on campus? It’s something to think about. . . – eds.

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