In the time I have spent in this ministry I have found that fear dominates staff, faculty, and student. It is neigh to impossible to get an honest opinion about anything that a person might disagree with about the school. Why is this so? Is it because they do not believe that they are right? I should hope not. Is it because they fear spreading a bad attitude? Not usually. Is it because they are evil Bob Jones spies bent on destroying this college, and they don’t want to be caught until their wicked scheme of obliteration comes to fruition? Most unlikely. It is because they fear for their jobs, or college careers. The idea presented by one of the readers that a student should be able to go to the administration and discuss some disagreement is good in theory, but not in fact, at PCC. If someone were to attempt it, they would most likely not be kicked out/fired right away, but they would win much disfavor with the administration. They would be labeled as a dissenter. The opinion of the individual was important to Christ. Why is it so disdained here?

It saddens me greatly to see the damage done to those young students who come here to learn about, and love Christ, yet are ridiculed and mistrusted by their “leaders.” The damage done to their Christian lives is incalculable. I try to do what I can of “damage control,” but sometimes nothing can be done. Some rebel, others get depressed, many fall by the wayside. Why? Because they were wicked people? Some perhaps, but not all. They fall because they expect this Christian organization to be full of learning, and loving, and yet they find that even the administration, the ones who should be the leaders and therefore more mature, have a harsh, and unloving spirit that is hardly Christian. Even if a student rebels he should be loved as a Christian brother, not disdained as if he has no value. Yes, maybe he will have to be kicked out, but love him anyway. Is this not the teaching of Christ? It is sad to see that even those who keep a good attitude towards the “ministry,” but choose to continue believing differently
are treated as outcasts.

I mentioned before that fear is dominant. Fear should be dominant among those who wish only to disobey, but what of those that want to simply be right? What of those that sincerely, and with full conscience disagree with the school in an area? Should they fear? Is the purpose of authority to make good men fear trying to make the system better? or others better? or themselves better? Why is PCC authority causing this reaction among good God-fearing people? It seems to me that the school is attempting to get the people to fear the administration as they (the people) would God. They fear
disagreeing with the college at all. Who other than God should someone fear disagreeing with even when that person has a good attitude?

The administration always has said that people should obey authority no matter what kind of attitude the authority has, but shouldn’t a Christian authority be able to take correction even from someone with a bad attitude? Yes, it may be authority’s need to put that attitude “in it’s place,” but
does that mean you should not listen to them at all? Does that somehow negate the ideas behind his arguments? I see no reason that this should be so. It seems to me that the administration is asking their students to be more mature than they themselves are willing to be.

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