Have You Heard the One About…The Visitor?

The individual who sent this to us is a senior at a Virginia university. He is majoring in Biology and will be attending medical school after graduation. – eds.

A Visitor’s First Experience

I am not a PCC student, but during my spring break this past year, I decided to visit one of my friends at PCC for a few days. (Needless to say, I was asked by many a student why I would choose to spend valuable vacation time in the PCC environment. However, I think this story is reason enough.) One day my friend needed to do some studying in the library before classes, so I went along with him. While my friend was dressed in the standard PCC attire, I wore simply jeans and an (untucked) flannel shirt. We sat down at a table on the second floor, and he studied while I perused a science magazine. After a short while I was interrupted by a young woman (a student I presume) who asked, “Um, excuse me, are you a student here?” When I told her that I was not, she proceeded to tell me how I had to fill out some type of paperwork or visitor’s card somewhere.

Apparently, someone at the front desk had reported that an individual in a flannel shirt and jeans had entered the building and had made his way to the second floor. I was thoroughly confused as to what exactly I was supposed to do, but my friend had had some experience with this sort of thing and directed me to where I needed to go. We went to some type of visitor’s or information booth where I was asked to fill out a card that asked for my name, address, the nature of my visit and who I was with. I put down my name and why I was there and returned the card. The young man behind the booth (another student, I presume) asked me to include my address. I couldn’t think of any reason why they needed my address so I asked him what it would be used for. He responded with something like, “Oh, it’s just so that we…it’s for purposes that…it’s for purposes…it just helps us out.” Needless to say, I was not satisfied with his answer and was tempted to ask him to explain himself more clearly. However, I decided it was not worth it and reluctantly filled out the rest of the card.

My friend and I were both amused at how this episode epitomized the PCC environment: everyone following the rules, but few, if any, knowing exactly why they are there.

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