Have You Heard the One About…The Investigation?

Many years ago when PCC was in its infancy my wife to be and I got the ultimate – “Socialed”! (Is that how you spell it or is it even a word?) Somehow the administration had heard rumors that we had gotten together in the home of a faculty member and had gotten “too close”! We were guilty but they had no
evidence. So what did they do? First they went to her room and searched it and found a picture of us sitting on a couch together “too close”. They called her in and asked her questions like: Did he touch you? Did he kiss you? How many times did he kiss you? I was also called in and asked similar questions. There were only three weeks left in the semester and we finished that semester only communicated by notes and through friends, etc. Doesn’t an administration have anything better to do?!

As I think about this incident and many others while I was there and that I have read in Student V, it almost sounds like a project for Sam Donaldson. 20-20 interviews PCC! I wonder how the other 99% of Christianity would react to the environment at PCC if they were to come to understand it. It is something that I cannot share with rational people. The just won’t believe it or understand it. This is not to say that I did not get some worthwhile education while at PCC, although some of it was suspect. The living
environment is just something that even very conservative Christians have real problems with. There is no rational or Biblical justification for such.

Have You Heard the One About…Getting “Socialed”?

This is a story sent in to us by S—, an alumnus:

I would like to tell you about an incident that took place my sophomore year at PCC….the only time I got “socialed,” or more correctly, “socially campused.” There are many interesting things to note, and I will try to remember to mention them all.

It happened toward the beginning of my sophomore year when I had recently started dating a guy I will call “Jake” for the sake of this story. We were in the DP [“Dating Parlor” – eds.] on a sofa facing away from the chaperon. (I have heard that they now all face toward the chap.) Across from us was a couple we knew. In fact, the guy was a close friend of ours, and Jake worked with both of them in the Distribution Center. In the course of our animated conversation, I playfully pulled his tie. (What girl hasn’t done that at some time? None at PCC, I hope!) That was a big mistake!! The guy across from us got up and walked away, but we didn’t think much about it until the chaperone came and asked us for our names and ID numbers.

There are some interesting things I must mention at this point. First of all, the guy was our friend, but after that incident, he avoided us, I assume out of feelings of guilt. Secondly, Jake had seen that same couple doing things much worse at work, actions that would in fact have gotten them shipped; but, being a friend, he kept his mouth shut. Thirdly, the girl, who happened to be a floorleader, became pregnant sometime later; and, as a result, the couple got shipped.

Jake and I knew what was coming, and we checked our mailboxes daily for a call slip to the deans’ offices. I suppose it was to make us more and more nervous that they took over a week to get around to punishing us. Within that week was an Artist Series which we were able to attend together, but it would have been much nicer to have gotten the whole thing over with sooner so
we could have attended my dating outing instead.

The dean I saw gave me a full-blown lecture on the dangers of a physical relationship, and I couldn’t help wondering if she had any personal experience to back it up. The dean Jake saw laughed with him about it, treating it as a petty offense and said he would not have socialed us if it had been up to him.

Another interesting thing to note is the lack of congruity among the staff. Those two deans, having parallel positions and power, should have faced the situation with more balanced attitudes.

Being socialed was the worst experience I had at PCC. It was frustrating and humiliating! The one place I could freely talk to members of the opposite sex was at supper, and then only to those at my assigned table. Just my luck, only two out of the eight people at my table were guys. Just thinking about the whole experience now, after eight years, still brings back hurtful memories and negative emotions.

Have You Heard The One About…The Marker Fight?

While I was a student at PCC, I was fortunate enough to work on the Work Assistance program. It helped pay my bills, so I cannot complain. The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year, we moved into the new Distribution Center over off Rawson Lane. A— was our work supervisor: a highly qualified supervisor who was, oh, at least two or three years older than the rest of us.

Anyway, one afternoon, several of us got into a marker fight, a friendly fight that happened to include members of the opposite sex. This all happened right before lunch. Our supervisor, went and told her supervisor, D—. Well rather than handling it himself, he told his supervisor. By that afternoon, word had reached Dr. Horton, and we were all in deep trouble. As punishment for our misdeeds, we were all transferred from the Distribution Center to some more undesirable work assignment for the rest of our career as work assistance students.

They transferred one person to the sign shop, one to grounds, one to housekeeping, and I, of all places, was
transferred to food service. All of this for marking on a girl’s arm with a marker.

Have You Heard The One About…The Plasma Donor?

This was sent to us by a former student. – eds.

As so many stories start out (from PCC), it was my junior year, I was engaged to be married. My husband had been involved with the infamous GA scandal involving the “movie thing”. Needless to say he was kicked” out and so graceously given his masters degree without walking. I had been an Eagle’s Cheerleader but, because of who I was associated with, I was considered a “rebel, or a bad person.” Before all of this however, I was considered to be in the “administration approved crowd.” I had been giving plasma in downtown Pensacola, like so many other PCC students, and like many others I was earning some extra weekend cash. My fiance’ decided this would also be a good thing for him to do to earn some extra cash. So, we both went twice a week, he was of course not a student and had graduated. We barely talked, and once in a great while we would “chance” it and sit by one another.

The other students I had been riding with suddenly felt “convicted” and decided to turn me in. I was totally humiliated – I was shadowed and had to go before the administration and “plead my case!” Finally after 2 days the verdict came in. I was given 130 demerits and campused for 6 weeks (during the big beach time); with my measly 12 this put me up to 142 and it was only March. In the end I left with 143 – the most I had ever had the previous years was 27 demerits in one semester. Needless to say, I got married that summer and never went back. This is just one of the many wrong doings that go on at Pensacola Christian College. I have served my time!!

Like most of the stories, an interesting question is raised (actually, numerous questions. . .): WHO was it that “convicted” your “friends”? Was it really the Holy Spirit? Or was it a sense of guilt that had been driven into the student’s heads time and time again on campus? It’s something to think about. . . – eds.

Have You Heard the One About…Standing Too Close?

I just wanted to write and tell you of an incident that just happened a couple of weeks ago. One of the guys that lives next door to me, was written up and socialed [restricted from communicating in any way with someone of the opposite sex – eds.] for standing too close to his girlfriend in the lunch line. Not touching but standing too close. He went to DC and after pleading his case, the man told him that he would have to go see the assistant dean of men, because he could not do anything about it. So after going to see —, Mr. — told him that he would try and find the person that wrote him up and talk to him about it. But he was still socialed until he could talk to this person that wrote him up. The next day my friend called Mr. — to see the verdict and he had not talked to him, and he said he would call him back. He never did. My friend kept calling Mr. — never getting a returned phone call.

Finally about 3 or 4 days later, he got to see Mr. — and he said that he had prayed about it and even asked his wife and that he was going to unsocial him. But wait there’s more. Not 2 days later, my friend was scanning in at the desk, and Mr. — was sitting there, he saw some writing on my friend’s hand which said, “I Love You”, he preceded to ask who had written it on his hand, and my friend replied “my girlfriend,” he then asked, “What is her name, I am going to have to write you up for a social infraction.”

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?” – Shakespeare